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“Cedar Key Spice is an awesome addition to my spice collection.  I use it on or in many different varieties of food choices.  It has a wonderful blend of spices that the whole family enjoys.” ~ Janice Vanouwerkerk

“LESS IS MORE!  In today’s busy world of multi-tasking, space and time saving ways, here is one product your kitchen should not be without!  CEDAR KEY SPICE changes your life!  Basically, it simplifies your efforts to spice up any dish for any mealtime.  It takes the brain-work out of meal prep.  It’s one spice with a multitude of flavors.  Cedar Key Spice is the perfect marinade for any meat or vegetable and works magic in sauces, soups and salad dressings, just to name a few.  Not only do I use it personally every day, it is my token Hostess and Christmas gift to my friends and family.  This is one gift that does not get recycled or re-gifted.  I either give it as is or I will add my latest favorite recipe from Pure Wow Recipes online or Southern Living magazine.  Either way, I usually get a call back that someone needs more within a month.” ~ Sally Lewis, Foodie and Lover of All Things Simple in the Kitchen 

“We received the Cedar Key Spice as a gift from a friend.  I have to admit, this is the best gift I have ever received.  The spice is absolutely delicious.  You can use it on just about everything.  I really love it on chicken, seafood, salads and rice.  I truly believe it is the only spice you will ever need in your kitchen.  I plan on being a repeat customer and sharing it with all of my friends and family.” ~ Chuck Holmes